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syz-db program can be used to manipulate corpus.db databases that are used by syz-managers.


Build syz-db with make db or by changing to tools/syz-db and run go build.


syz-db currently overs the following generic arguments:

  -arch string
    	target arch
  -os string
    	target OS
  -version uint
    	database version
  -vv int

That can be used with

  syz-db pack dir corpus.db

to pack a database

  syz-db unpack corpus.db dir

to unpack a database. A file containing performed syscalls will be returned.

  syz-db merge dst-corpus.db add-corpus.db* add-prog*

to merge databases. No additional file will be created: The first file will be replaced by the merged result.

  syz-db bench corpus.db

to run a deserialization benchmark. For example:

syz-db -os=linux -arch=amd64 bench corpus.db

could give an output like

allocs 123 MB (123 M), next GC 123 MB, sys heap 123 MB, live allocs 123 MB (123 M), time 324s.