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Connecting several managers via Hub

Connecting several managers via Hub

syz-hub program can be used to connect several syz-manager’s together and allow them to exchange programs.

Build syz-hub with make hub. Then create a config file along the lines of:

	"http": ":80",
	"rpc":  ":55555",
	"workdir": "/syzkaller/workdir",
	"clients": [
		{"name": "manager1", "key": "6sCFsJVfyFQVhWVKJpKhHcHxpCH0gAxL"},
		{"name": "manager2", "key": "FZFSjthHHf8nKm2cqqAcAYKM5a3XM4Ao"},
		{"name": "manager3", "key": "fTrIBQCmkEq8NsvQXZiOUyop6uWLBuzf"}

And start it with bin/syz-hub -config hub.cfg. Then add the following additional parameters to syz-manager config files of each manager:

	"name": "manager1",
	"hub_client": "manager1",
	"hub_addr": "",
	"hub_key": "6sCFsJVfyFQVhWVKJpKhHcHxpCH0gAxL",

And start managers. Once they triage local corpus, they will connect to the hub and start exchanging inputs. Both hub and manager web pages will show how many inputs they send/receive from the hub.