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Maintainer's Guide

Maintainer’s Guide

Linear history

We preserve linear history and have merge commits disabled in repository settings. Pull requests (PR) have only 2 options:

PR checks (CI)

cla/google check needs to pass before merging.

CI testing generally needs to pass before merging.
Exceptions may be infrastrcture flakes (especially in external services: codecov, ci/fuzzit); one-off timeouts/OOMs (but not if this PR itself makes them much more frequent). All static checking warnings and testing errors are considered hard errors.


Adding tests for new code and bug fixes is generally encouraged. Ask contributors to add tests.

However, some code is easier to test, while some is harder. Some examples of cases where it’s easier to add tests (should be added): abstract functionalities without external dependencies (e.g. parsers, data transformations, calculations); code with established testing infrastrcture (adding new tests is just adding one more of the same). Examples of cases where it’s harder to add tests (may be not added, but still welcome if one wants to go above and beyond): code with external dependancies that are not easy to fake out (qemu, kernel, image, etc); code without established testing infrastrcture where adding one test would require building the whole infrastrcture first.

Use your judgement

There are no strict rules for reviews/ownership at the moment. Use your judgement.

If you are maintaining a particular area of the project (e.g. support for one OS), it is OK to merge your own changes without further review (especially smaller and if CI gives green light). It’s also OK to review and merge changes to other parts of the project. But loop in other maintainers if you don’t feel confident or need additional feedback/review.