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Syzkaller can be instructed to execute programs under strace and capture the output.

If the strace_bin is set to an strace binary, syzkaller will automatically run each reproducer it managed to find under the strace binary.

How to compile the strace binary

It is safer to compile strace as a statically linked binary in order to prevent problems with mismatching libc versions on the kernel image used for fuzzing.

git clone
cd strace
./configure --enable-mpers=no LDFLAGS='-static -pthread'
make -j`nproc`

The resulting binary can be found at src/strace.


It’s possible to instruct syz-crush to run the attached repro under strace. In order to do so, make sure strace_bin is specified in the syz-manager config file and pass an extra -strace argument to the command arguments.


If -strace file-name.log is appended to the syz-repro’s arguments, the tool will run the resulting repro (if it managed to generate one) under strace and save its output.